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Bienvenidos to Alliance Spanish Academy!

Whether you are just preparing to go on holidays and want to learn the basics to communicate with the locals; or love the language and want to hone your skills even further, or perhaps you know enough to carry on a conversation but need to be fluent for business or travel, the ASA is the place for you!

Our principal instructor is a University professional educator and as a certified Spanish teacher for many years has developed her own Spanish teaching program for the academy.Spanish Classes

All our teachers are certified to teach Spanish.

All our classes are set to learn in a relaxed and fun environment where everyone is motivated to learn at their own pace, we encourage learning by speaking, writing and reading Spanish. You can repeat a level if you chose to or move on to the next if you are highly motivated.

Workbooks and added handouts are included in the registration price.

A free language assessment is offered with your registration.

Adult classes

AHCO Members/Early Bird price $220
Non Members, regular price $250

Classes start the week of March 2nd, 2020


Beginner (or Intermediate 1) Mondays 6 to 8 pm

Can carry out, with reasonable fluency, a simple description of a variety of topics that are of interest by presenting them as a linear sequence of elements.

Make clear and detailed descriptions and presentations on a wide range of issues related to your specialty, expanding and defending your ideas with complementary aspects and relevant examples.

Make clear and systematically developed descriptions and presentations, properly highlighting the significant aspects and relevant details that serve as support.

Intermediate - Tuesdays 6 to 8 pm

Can express with simple and isolated phrases related to people and places. 

Knows how to make a simple description or presentation of people, living or working conditions, daily activities, likes and dislikes, learns a shortlist of simple sentences and complete sentences.

Advanced- Wednesdays 5 to 7 pm

Make clear and detailed descriptions and presentations on complex topics, integrating other topics, developing concrete ideas and ending with an appropriate conclusion.

It produces clear, fluid and well-structured speeches whose logical structure is effective and helps the listener to focus on meaningful elements and remember them.



Spanish Club (Saturdays 10 to 12 pm)

The Alliance Spanish Club is a program where children age 6 to 10 enjoy a variety of individual and group activities designed to engage them in reading, writing and conversational Spanish, all in a fun and relaxed environment.girl doing homework

There will be one hour of academic learning and one hour of other activities that will reinforce that learning.

Our certified teachers will plan fun recreational activities such as games, arts & crafts, cultural activities, story time, show and tell, etc, all the while reinforcing the Spanish language.